Business Directory
County Offices
County ShedContact:  
921 Sherman Street
Boyden, IA 51234
Phone: 712.725.2191

Sioux County AssessorContact:    
Ross Simmelink
P.O. Box 48
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712.737.4274
Fax: 712.737.6482

The primary duty of the Assessor is to assess all real property within the Assessor's jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law. This would include residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural classes of property.

Sioux County AuditorContact:    
Lois Huitink
P.O. Box 18
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712.737.2216
Fax: 712.737.2537

The County Auditor has many responsibilities including elections, real estate records, budget, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, clerk to the board, and others.

Sioux County EngineerContact:    
Doug Julius
210 Central Ave SW
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712.737.2248
Fax: 712.737.2757

The duties of the County Engineer shall be to plan the road, bridge and culvert work which is necessary to improve the road system in the County, and report the same to the Board of Supervisors. He has supervision over the road work in the County. The County Engineer is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and works under their direction.

Sioux County RecorderContact:    
Anita Van Bruggen
P.O. Box 48
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712.737.2229
Fax: 712.737.3032

Maintains official records of documents affecting title to real estate in order to preserve property rights. The recorder also issues a number of permits and licenses.

Sioux County SheriffContact:    
Dan Altena
4363 Ironwood Ave Ste 1
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712.737.2280
Fax: 712.737.8185

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining the public’s trust, providing protection, and professional leadership, by utilizing our skills and resources with integrity.

Sioux County TreasurerContact:    
Randy Jacobsma
104 1st Street SE
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712.737.3505
Fax: 712.737.8170

Oversees all county funds and handles investment functions, prepares and delivers tax statements to taxpayers, processes vehicle registrations, and issues drivers' license.